miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2016

JOBS... Year 4

My father is a car pieces SALESMAN

    He wears a uniform. He doesn't drive at work. He works calling people on the phone. He doesn't work in a farm; he works in an office.
    María Mier

   My father works in a company called the Canycollar. He works with animals and he doesn't wear a uniform. He doesn't drive any special car. He works at a home office. He doesn't work in a supermarket.
    James Mcelherron

My mother a NURSE
    She works in a Health Centre. She doesn't drive a special car. She doesn't work in a shop. She helps people.
       Rocío Alonso

My father is a WOODSMAN

   He doesn´t wear a uniform. He works with an axe. He doesn´t drive. He works at the mountains.
      Javier Oslé.